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Pre-Treatment Equipment

About Pre-Treatment Equipment

We offer varieties pre-Treatment machines capable of including sorting, cleaning, cutting, peeling, bleching and dewatering. These are essential treatment steps before in-depth processing. Our equipment designed for vegetable, fruits, seafood, medicine and more. We offer extensive options for different types of products. Moreover, we will customize the machine based on different needs. The family of pre-processing machines will not only improve the production efficiency but also ensure the food safety 

YXJ corn kernel washing machine

This machine is suitable for washing corn kernels and pea seeds, etc.; it’s indispensable in freezing line and canning line.

Capacity: 1500-2000kg/h
Power: 9.0kw
Water consumption: 3000kg/h 
Dimension: 5200×1445×2230mm

Categories of Pre-Treatment equipment
Potato peeling machine

Potato peeling machine

 DCJ-I belt type ice water cooler.webp

CJ series cooling equipment


Cutting equipment


XJ series washing equipment

 CTS-600 continuous centrifugal dewatering machine.webp

TS series surface dewatering equipment

Potato peeling machine

Auxiliary equipment

SP series blanching equipment

SP series blanching equipment

FSJ winnowing separator .webp

Separating equipment

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