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Hot Air Drying Equipment

Hot Air Drying Equipment

Hot air drying equipment is the most commonly used drying machine for drying vegetables, fruits, agricultural products, Chinese herbal medicines, and seafood. We offer single and multi-layer conveyor dryers, box dryers, and tunnel dryers. The heat source can be steam, gas, electricity, and heat transfer oil based on different circumstances.

HGD -1.7M Series Belt Dryer

It is featured by large capacity, high efficiency, good controllability and a high degree of automation. It is the most commonly-used drying equipment in fruit and vegetable processing factory both at home and abroad. 

HGD series belt dryer

HGD (originally called SBJ) series belt dryer is a new-designed drying equipment developed by our company for improving productivity and reducing labor cost. 

HGS series tunnel dryer

This series dryer is suitable for drying large products which need long drying time and have a high requirement on appearance, 

HGX series box dryer

It is the most commonly used, the most economical and practical vegetable drying machine in domestic.

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