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HGD series belt dryer


HGD (originally called SBJ) series belt dryer is a new-designed drying equipment developed by our company for improving productivity and reducing labor cost. It is featured by large capacity, high efficiency, good controllability and high degree of automation. It is the most commonly-used drying equipment in fruit and vegetable processing factory both at home and abroad. 


HGD series belt dryer consists of a drying cabinet, heating device, fans, belt, and automatic control system.T he conveyor belt can be stainless steel mesh belt, stainless steel perforated plate belt, or high-temperature resistance nylon belt. Partial hot air can be recycled.

Single layer belt dryer

HGD-2S-32 single layer belt dryer usually combines two or more to work together. HGD-1.7M series multi-layer belt dryer can work alone or combine several sets according to capacity requirement.

Single layer belt dryer also can combine with multi-layer belt dryer according to different capacity, different products or different craft requirements. This series dryer is suitable for drying granular, strip and slice products, such as onion, potato, carrot, sweet pepper, ginger, garlic, chive, leek, agaric and other vegetables; peanut, melon seed, pistachio and other nuts; small shelled shrimp, scallop, mussel and other aquatic products; chrysanthemum, honeysuckle,Chinese yam, American ginseng and other Chinese medicines.

Single layer belt dryer technical parameters
Multi layer belt dryer

comparing with the single layer belt dryer, the multi payer belt dryer takes less floor space but keep the same capacity. 

HGD-2S-32 Multi layer belt dryer 
Technical parameters
HGD series belt dryer features
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