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HGX Series

Box Dryer

HGX Series Box Dryer

With 25 years research and innovation, our company have developed four types of HGX (originally called STJ) series box dryers including HGX-Z steam type, HGX-Q gas type, HGX-Y oil type, and HGX-M coal type, covering more than 10 specifications. Our users are spread over more than 20 provinces and 10 countries. It is the most commonly used, the most economical and practical vegetable drying machine in domestic.

Features of Box Dryer
HGS-D 隧道式低温烘干机主要技术参数
Technical Parameters
Main technical parameters of
HGX-Z steam vegetable dryer
Screen Shot 2018-07-26 at 4.16.27 PM.png
Main technical parameters of HGX-M coal-fired dryer
Main technical parameters of HGX-Q gas dryer
Main technical parameters of HGX-Y fuel type dryer
Other Dryer
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