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SLD Fluidized Quick Freezer

SLD Fluidized quick freezer

SLD fluidized quick freezer is a new product developed by our company, combining the latest technology of same products from Sweden, America and Canada. It is practical and efficient, realizing a real fluidized IQF effect.

Characteristic features

1) Material’s conveyor adopts two-stage structure. The conveyor speed and fan speed of first–freezing stage and deep-freezing stage are adjusted separately, meeting the process requirement of different materials.

2) First-freezing stage has a bypass pulse device, enhancing the fluidized effect. Combined with beating mechanism, prevent materials from caking effectively and realize quick freezing of material.

3) Freezer has an ADS air automatic defrost device for optional. ADS device can keep frost on evaporator fin thinner than 3mm for a long time, ensuring 20 hours continuous running.

freezing_zones copy.jpg
SLD Fluidized quick freezer 
Technical parameter
Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 2.47.32 PM.png
SLD Fluidized Quick Freezer key features
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